medical writer

I’m a trained physician and I love to write medical content. If you came here to seek lifestyle advice, I must disappoint you. Instead, I invite you to get to know me as a writer – and read some of my content. My world of medicine – as I see it through my eyes.

Health on the Internet

We have all been there, if something in our body is not right we consult the Internet. Well before booking an appointment with our doctor. According to Google, 1 in 20 searches relate to health. And, once you start browsing symptoms you soon realise:

The internet is very keen to give advice on how to retain and restore health.

On one day you are told to eat pumpkin seeds for prostate health, on another you should try stinging nettle. Some websites praise novel diagnostics, others a revolutionary remedy. Every ailment comes with a forum packed with patient histories; while news sites push the latest study outcomes directly onto your phone. If you browse long enough you will eventually find the advise you want to hear – rather than the advise you should hear. So how, in this vast field of Medicine and Health, do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Let me help…

Overall the internet is an excellent medium for references. The art of finding the right information requires a feel for what is a trustworthy site and a nose to detect where charlatans are at work. Evidence backed content and your critical mind should guide you when browsing through nebulous websites – a premise both ‘the reader’ and ‘the writer’ should keep in mind.

Writing to teach Medicine

Having taught many medical students and junior doctors in the past, I have realised how much I enjoy handing down my experience and knowledge. Instinctively, I developed a skill for sharing my enthusiasm and motivating trainees. When I create teaching content for e-learning modules and ebooks, my priority focuses on a smooth learning journey.

Blogging for Health

Through the action of blogging, I try to excite with Medicine and create Aha! Moments. I aim to shed some light on trending medical topics that are making the rounds on Twitter at al., using a critical and independent viewpoint. I also work as a linguist offering German Medical Translation services.

By explaining what lies behind the jargon, I want to share some exciting facts and experiences from my clinical past to help the reader understand Health issues.